First Post – Sunday Book Club

Hi there and welcome to the very first “Living 5 to 9” blog post! As some of you know, it’s been quite a journey to finally get to this point (both metaphorically as well as some severe technical difficulties) but I’m excited to get this blog up and running and I’m even happier that you’ve chosen to stop by and check it out!

When trying to figure what my first post should be about, I realized it only seemed fitting to write on a topic that I hold close to my heart: the fashion industry. Spending my whole college career and the first couple years of my adult life either in a fashion show tent or helping design visual displays for retailers, my choice to leave the industry earlier this year for a job in advertising certainly sent me into one heck of an identity crisis tailspin; but everything in life happens for a reason, and I like to believe that the career switch was the ultimate green light for starting this blog. Cheesy feelings a side, here we go:

For the last year, I’ve had the honor of being a member of an intimate group of fashion ladies who come together and discuss the many facets and faces of the fashion industry. Yep kind of like a book club, but definitely a glammed up book club! While the three of us come from vastly different fashion backgrounds (two small fashion business owners and one visual merchandiser/fashion show producer in a previous life), we all share a common interest in the positive – and negative – aspects of the industry, and all bring a diverse perspective to the table (literally and figuratively). After finding the American Fashion Podcast website earlier this spring, whose weekly podcasts discuss topics ranging from present day fashion issues to the age-old question of “where is fashion going?”, we decided to take our book club to the digital level by transitioning from books to our mobile devices. Yes, how very twenty-first century of us!

The two podcasts we selected for this month’s meeting dealt with the issues of ageism in the fashion industry (103 – Fashion Ignores Many Women) and the feasibility of consumers having a stylish, yet sustainable wardrobe even with all of the fast fashion retailers in the market (101 – Sustainable Living). While these two topics sit on two different sections of the industry (or do they? Thoughts?), they offered the perfect opportunity for some thoughtful and forward thinking coffee talk…and not to mention, got me out bed and out of the house on an early Sunday morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the first “Living 5 to 9” blog post! And if you haven’t already, take a look at the links below to not only check out American Fashion Podcasts’ main website, but also the two podcasts we selected for our meeting. I’d love to hear your opinions on what was talked about in the shows!


American Fashion Podcast
Episode 101 – Sustainable Living
Episode 103 – Fashion Ignores Many Women


P.S. A sneak peek to next week’s post: I’m taking you guys up north to Milwaukee for an anniversary weekend trip with my boyfriend! See you then!


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